Police to throw Bibi out of her house in Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja

Here, we provide an update of the future episodes of Zee Bangla’s Jamai Raja.

In accordance to our resource, in the coming episodes, Abhishek (Uday Pratap Singh) will lie to Bibi (Chaiti Ghoshal) and make her indication in some doc. Sensing his motive, Ishaan (Arjun Chakraborty) will try to prevent Bibi from signing the paper.

Will Bibi listen to Ishaan?

Very well, rather of listening, she will insult him.

So, with no losing any time, Ishaan will just take out his mobile to show the movie to Bibi wherein Abhishek experienced approved his fault. But right before he could show, Abhishek will throw the mobile absent and get started beating him up.  

Upcoming, Abhishek will reveal the reality to Bibi which will go away her shell shocked. He will inform her that it was the sale deed of the property.

And before long the police will arrive and throw Bibi out of the house.

As well much drama in the coming times!

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