Oscar Countdown: Why Movies Matter — from a Christian’s Perspective

Hollywood Insight02/23/17

Going to the movies


What will come to mind when you read that term? What emotion does it evoke?

Some of you just rolled your eyes. You are drained of actors applying their “pulpit” to preach their politics, which are normally opposite to your individual.

Some of you immediately went negative because the field, at occasions, saturates our lives with articles you’d never want your young ones to see.

Some of you could possibly be like me. I’m a Christian and I appreciate films. I appreciate art that evokes, entertains, informs, and impacts modify. And films can do that. Some movies do that so well.

When I consider of Hollywood, I see writers staring glossy-eyed at a script in enhancement. I see producers doing the job tirelessly, at all hours, to see a film by means of pre-production. I see crews feverishly prepping elaborate sets for the next shot. I see costumed actors rehearsing strains. I see film composers warming up the orchestra in the recording studio. I see directors with editors downing jugs of espresso as they piece together a story.

From a youthful age, I was all about films. A great story caught my interest. It’s in all probability a single of the reasons I favored going to Sunday University so significantly. I’d hear about these incredible tales from the Old Testomony and was introduced to a grasp storyteller, a single who’s stood the exam of time — Jesus. I necessarily mean consider about it. Assume about the tales (parables) he advised and the layered lifetime he lived. Discuss about conflict and resolution.

Years back, Christian author John Eldredge (a beloved of mine) solidified how my faith and passion for tales intersected in his ebook, Epic: The Story God Is Telling and the Function That Is Yours to Play.

“Christianity, in its accurate form, tells us that there is an Author and that he is great, the essence of all that is great and gorgeous and accurate, for he is the resource of all these items. It tells us that he has established our hearts’ longings inside us, for he has designed us to live in an Epic. It warns that the truth of the matter is always in risk of currently being twisted and corrupted and stolen from us because there is a Villain in the Story who hates our hearts and desires to wipe out us. It phone calls us up into a Story that is truer and further than any other, and assures us that there we will uncover the this means of our lives.” – John Eldredge, Epic

For Christians, there can be no larger storyteller than God (see The Bible). He’s resourceful and we have been all offered a measure of that gene. And for superior (and worse), Hollywood is a by-merchandise of that God-offered creativity.

The leisure field is, unarguably, a large pillar in modern-working day culture. It’s a group total of grasp storytellers, who create tales that invade and condition our tradition. Final calendar year, the global box office environment created far more than 35 billion dollars. 35 BILLION!

This weekend, the Oscars will honor previous year’s movies that are, in accordance to the Academy of Movement Photo Arts and Sciences, achievements in cinema. And between the nominees are some genuine worthy contenders.

La La Land swept the nominations with a record-tying 14 nods and it is believed that the Ryan Gosling/Emma Stone musical will sweep most of the classes. Of the movies I have witnessed, a couple of others stand out – specifically Hidden Figures, Hacksaw Ridge, Fences, and Silence. (Caution is suggested for the latter three.)

Hidden Figures is a triumph. It rightfully, and at last, honors the three African American gals who launched NASA into room inspite of infuriating racism. If you have not witnessed it, go to a theater ideal now and obtain a ticket. This PG film is a single we should all see.

Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, nominated for 6 Academy Awards, is a single of previous year’s finest. It’s really effective. Starring Ideal Actor nominee Andrew Garfield, the film is the intense account of a Christian WWII medic who heroically saved 75 men all through the Fight of Okinawa. (Check out out what Gibson and the forged had to say about Garfield’s part as Desmond Doss.)

Fences, primarily based on August Wilson’s critically acclaimed play, stars Oscar winner Denzel Washington and Golden World winner Viola Davis (each nominated for acting awards). The film goes to groundbreaking depths and the mild at the stop of this spectacular retelling is completely inspiring.

Silence been given only a single Oscar nod (for cinematography), but Martin Scorsese’s film (also starring Andrew Garfield) about two missionaries who facial area fatal persecution in 17th century Japan is further than soul-stirring. The Rated-R film is a challenging a single to watch, but is a need to-see for folks of faith. (It’s a genuine shame it failed to have significantly achievements at the box office environment.)

There are elements of the film field that may well issues you. I understand that. I simply question that you take into account Hollywood with an open up coronary heart. They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons. They encounter triumphs and draughts, faith and question just like you and me. And their tales replicate that. We get dropped in them and uncover ourselves by the stop of a great film. They make us giggle, cry, and consider.

As far as award speeches go, really don’t begrudge them their 45 seconds. Each individual winner that will take the phase and a trophy this weekend attained their conversing time (nonetheless brief it may well be) and I, for a single, will not fault him or her for applying it (we would all do the similar thing). We really don’t have to jump on just about every bandwagon. We really don’t have to concur. But, we can pay attention. God hears us. So, let us extend that similar courtesy to each and every other.

Everything that will come out of Hollywood is not great. That is something on which most of us can concur. But, let us not throw out the child with the bathwater. In its place of standing towards “them”, why really don’t we get concerned in the conversation — by supporting (and going to the theaters to watch) films that uplift and inspire (no make a difference who will make, stars, or writes them).

The level of this weblog write-up is not to get you to overlook Hollywood’s flaws or to even get you to tune in to an awards display. It’s meant to motivate the faith group to embrace the arts group.

Let us pray for, not towards. Let us see the humanity in and feel compassion for the men, gals, and children who dedicate their lives to telling some of the fantastic tales of our time. Let us display faith, hope, and appreciate to Hollywood.

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